What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a mutually trusting relationship between client and therapist. This professional relationship can last from a few sessions to a few years – each client is unique. We will talk about your life experience and I will tune-in to your specific needs. All contact is private and confidential.


Who comes to therapy?

All types of people seek therapy, each for their own reasons. Sometimes there is a big change in a person’s life, sometimes something just doesn’t feel ‘right’. Whatever the reason – making sense of ourselves in the presence of an empathic, caring, professional can be healing, and provide room for personal growth.



I mainly practice relational psychotherapy; a style of therapy that focuses on understanding relationships in our lives, and how/why those relationship patterns often re-appear in familiar, (sometimes frustrating!) ways. There are often parallels between our work in therapy that reflect these patterns - we will explore these together. I also provide cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), once the therapeutic relationship has been established, for those clients who desire a more formulated approach.



For couples, relational psychotherapy allows for a safe space to explore your challenges, and to experience your relationship anew with a consistent empathic presence. I specialize in working with new parents. By exploring the individual changes parenthood has had on each partner, we will explore how to approach your relationship with a fresh perspective. Together we will bring your focus back on your relationship, so that you can give your children and each other, your best selves.